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Polling Result
Q.1 If the outside world (UN or other countries) chooses to save the Tamils and sends a military force to do this, what would you favor doing for the hundreds of thousands of Tamils encircled by Sri Lankan troops in Vanni?

The outside force keeps the Tamils in Vanni and compels the Sri Lankan government to allow humanitarian organizations access to Vanni until a cease-fire is achieved.
The outside force allows Tamils who want to stay in Vanni to remain and removes the rest to shelter elsewhere that is run by the outside force.
The outside force intervenes and removes all of the Tamil civilians from Vanni to welfare camps controlled by the Sri Lankan government.
No outside force is sent. The Sri Lankan military action continues, and the blockade of food and medicine goes on.
Q.2 Does the world favor a constitutional (rather than military) resolution to the Sri Lankan civil war?

No. They want the Sri Lankan government to crush the Tigers and let the world stay out of it.
Yes. They want a constitutional resolution, but they don`t want to take any action.
Yes. They want a constitutional resolution, but would only be willing to send humanitarian assistance.
Yes. They want the Tamils to have their own nation and are willing to make it happen.
Q.3 Do you believe the world community will take any strong action to end the war immediately?

Q.4 Tamils and others are divided in their opinions of the Tamil Tigers. How would you describe the Tamil Tigers?

They are a legitimate resistance organization protecting Tamils from state terrorism and genocide.
They are a legitimate resistance organization that sometimes uses regrettable tactics to advance their cause.
They discredit Tamils everywhere with their actions.
They are radical trouble makers who would be outlaws in any country.
Q.5 The U.S. and other countries keep lists of countries and organizations that practice and support terrorism. Should the Tamil Tigers be included in these lists?

No. The Tigers are a legitimate defensive force that is using reasonable military means to protect their people.
No. Their tactics have been aimed mostly at government and military targets within Sri Lanka.
Yes. They are violent and aggressive and unpopular abroad, even though they are responding to forceful state terrorism.
Yes. They are terrorists.
Q.6 The Sri Lankan government has built what they call welfare camps. What is your opinion about these camps?

They are death camps meant to hold and destroy the Tamils who are in them.
They are prison camps where Tamil inmates are abused and mistreated.
They are probably unhealthy but otherwise safe.
They are a safe place to shelter and heal Tamil civilians.
Q.7 If Tamil Eelam comes about, what should be the Tamil Tigers� role in the new country?

They should rule because they promised to have a democratic, pluralistic society and to put the war behind them.
They should rule, like almost every other revolutionary organization after the new country is begun.
They should disband their military organization and become a regular political party that competes for office in a democratic system.
They should become the apolitical (not political) armed forces of the country.